Tips to taking the perfect jump shot with your iPhone

Okay I think I have to make a disclaimer here. The jump shots I’m talking about is more of those solo, duo or trio ones. The ones that you wanna try to be step and cool kind. If you’re talking about a group of people jumping together, then come on, having a few people on the ground while the rest are jumping IS THE POINT RIGHT!

So back to my point. Being a perfectionist and also a modelling competition fan, I really wish for people to do jump shots correctly. But I gotta say, having a good photographer to capture your jump shot is equally important! So first step to getting impressive jump shots: a good model and a good photographer. Ok so what’s step two?

Now, perhaps I should break this up into two sections, one for the model, and one for the photographer. It takes two to tango for this really. So… let me start with the model first.

This is photoshopped, yes it is. Cr: @xotongballs
  1. Do not jump too high

I know this sounds ironic, but really the thing about jump shots is to see your legs being lifted off the ground. Usually a hop will suffice. Sometimes you jump so high, you forget about your expression. Or sometimes you bend your leg too much and you look like you lost your legs in the photo. Not the kind we want ya? So just lift it up slightly and you will be fine.


  1. Square your body to the camera

The camera is in front of you. Jump within the boundaries of the lens. Jump slightly forward towards the camera. If you jump away or in different directions, we can’t see the shape of your body when you jump!!! So focus on where the camera is and try to jump within the boundary.

  1. Maintain your facial expression as you would on the ground while you are jumping

I gotta admit this is the difficult part. But try to imagine that you are staring at the camera while on the ground, and maintain that expression while you are in the air. This is when the ‘not jumping too high’ theory will help. Many of us when doing jump shots you throw your head back and we can’t see you! Another question is about what expression should you give? Okay obviously a jump shot is full of energy, so give your megawatt smile or just open your mouth slightly. It usually works. Unless you wanna go for the fierce look then remember to look pissed and you just wanna shout f**k you.

  1. Think about your pose before going in the air

This is kind of self-explanatory. If you have a better idea of how you want to be photographed, then obviously the photo can turn out better. I will say 90% of the time, when people take jump shots they don’t think so much and just jump, and the result is obviously so. Think about the shape of your body, your expression and your jump shot is set to be WOAHHHHHHH. (Cr: @dottimeli)

I think that pretty much sums up the modelling part. Now for the photographer part, which I think is really much simpler with the iphone.

  1. Take from a low angle or distant yourself away from the model

You gotta squat because you need to have a lower angle shooting upwards then your model will look massive and elongated. And the photo will be like WOAHHHH. Or try to be a little further away, but make sure that the focus is still on the model. Because we don’t have the wide-angle view, you have to carry the iphone slightly away to have that effect.

a lower angle helps to create illusion of greater height! Cr: @jeeeleee
  1. Make sure there is good lighting

You can’t take good jumpshots without good lighting really. Make sure your model is covered totally by sunlight or any artificial light. If the sun is on the model’s right hand side, then make sure that he/she faces the right hand side. Then you should be in front of him/her to take the amazing shot.

  1. Just continue to hold the ‘Take photo’ button

The best thing that was ever created on the iphone is definitely the multiple shot button which allows you to take loads of photos before, during and after the jump. So you can choose a few of them and usually you will get a few nice ones within one try.


I guess that’s it. It’s really easy to get a nice jump shot that everyone can do, just whether you want it or not. I gotta thank my amazing photographers that have taken some of my nicest jump shots ever, really like I said, it takes two to tango for this. So special mentions to my #synchronisedposts, Mel and Norm and Jeels, and also @keaneyes for helping me out with my jump shots! Thank you guys!

Cr: @jeeheng + All my amazing friends 🙂

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