How to take awesome walking and running shot

Following the previous post about jumping, I would like to say a big thank you! I really didn’t expect it to get around so quickly and I honestly hope that it will or it had helped you with your jump shots! So for this post, I thought, why not go somewhere similar, and do a simple tutorial on walking and running in a photo, of course with an iphone.

As you can tell by now, I like some sort of motion in the photo, and that is because standing still is way too boring. Bring some energy to the photo!!! I will say walking in a photo is way easier than jumping and it really does not require sophisticated skills to do so. Just need to watch out for a few things and you should be able to take phenomenal walking photos!!! So here are some general tips:

  1. Good lighting

As you can see by now, the very most number one rule for taking photos is essentially good lighting! That will make sure that your movements do not become blur. And it looks very flattering on your face too.

  1. Facial expression

Well, for walking photos, you kind of want to look like you are very busy and you can’t be bothered about your surroundings, like the following kinds:

If not, you should imagine someone on your side calling your name, and you are trying to look to a particular direction to respond. Kind of like ‘hey! Whats up!’ and you look towards an imaginary person.

Oh what’s up?

The last kind of expression is the ‘checking someone out’, kind of like when a hot girl walks past you and you try to check her out.

What’s up girl 😉

Basically you realise that you look towards the side for all the above pointers, and I feel like these brings the most emotion to the photo!

  1. The actual walking

You might be wondering, how to walk? Just walk ah? Well, answer is, yes just walk, but walk a little slower and take slightly bigger steps. Do not walk directly towards the camera, try to walk perhaps 20 to 40 degrees away from the camera. What happens is that you look like you have super long legs and coupled with the ‘look to the side’ expression mentioned earlier, you look like you are in an advertising campaign, caught in the moment. Wew.

  1. Boundaries

It is important to set the boundaries of your frame. You can’t be walking non-stop, and you could also save yourself some energy from walking too much for just one photo. Find out where you should start walking and come to a stop. Usually, with an iphone, you will take at most 5 frames only.

  1. Camera angle

This is quite debatable I feel. Because it really depends on the setting the photo is taken. But generally, the camera should be placed at the mid-torso level. It can go lower a bit to capture the length of the legs, but your legs might look ridiculously long it looks fake so somewhere around the torso level should suffice.

Once you done this, just hold on to the shutter button and let it take a burst shot and select the good ones!

So, it is relatively easier in general to take a normal walking shot. Now I’m gonna take it up a notch and introduce the running shot. It’s actually not a literal run, it’s more of hopping slowly forward. To take a perfect running shot, you have to imagine you are in slow-mo. Like those cliché films that a couple runs towards each other, imagine that when you are moving.

  1. Good lighting – self explanatory
  2. Facial expression

Ok, well you are technically running. So you can’t be smiling or what, perhaps you could show some urgency, part your mouth a bit like you’re gasping for air. Just make it realistic here that’s more important.

  1. Actual running

Ok so as I have said earlier, you have to take it slow. Leap forward slowly, land, and leap forward again. Keyword here, LEAP and SLOW, one step at a time. Do it towards the camera like you are catching someone. But of course, in real life you are catching someone, just run man.

See it’s more of a leap than a run?
  1. Boundaries

Same as above, see the camera frame and figure out where is a good starting point. Usually 3 leaps is all you can take. Remember you are leaping towards the camera, you can’t possibly go too near!

  1. Camera angle

Same as above, mid-torso level is fine. You could go slightly lower but it all depends on the setting. And now, you are ready to hit the burst button on the iphone!

Taking movement shots is all about a few tests, we are all amateurs here so let’s not expect too much. Even I fail to take them on the first try. So mix around and I believe you can take a very nice walking or running shot! I hope that this has been useful for you, and once again let me thank my talented friends for taking the shots for me 😉 – @jeeeleee @xotongballs and of course not forgetting my model friends all looking absolutely gorgeous – @zackkchan @normanhosehbo @teeesquares

Cr: @jeeheng + all my friends!

Edit: Why not try it out yourself and post it on social media? Post the photo on instagram with #jumplikesupersponts or #runlikesupersponts and let’s see everyone’s progress 😉 Or leave a comment to tell me how was it!

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