How to look ‘ridiculously good’ in every photo

Everyone wants to look ‘ridiculously good’. But not everyone is perfect. There is always something about yourself that you don’t like about. You see others, thinking wow how can he/she look this good, but when it is your turn to see yourself in the photo, you just can’t help but unlike the photo you took.

Is this something that you always face? Well then, why not look it from another perspective, and think, which part of yourself do you like over the others. Maybe it’s your hair that you have spent hours styling, maybe it’s your eyes or cheekbones? Definitely there is something about you that you like over the others.

First step to looking ridiculously good, is to feel that you look good in the first place. If you are not at least one bit confident that you look good, then any photo that you take in the world wouldn’t look nice in the eyes of yourself. Why not try to start looking in the mirror today, and observe carefully the beautiful works of Mother Nature that you actually have features that are beautiful? And I must say here that I’m not advocating narcissism, but you spend at least 5 minutes in front of the mirror each day brushing your teeth, washing your face, styling your hair or making up right? Plus feeling good about yourself isn’t cocky or arrogant; if you can’t even appreciate what you have, who will?

Suppose now that you find something that you like about yourself. Face the mirror and give your widest and silliest smile. Act a ‘Hahaha’. Just do it. Nobody is gonna judge you for doing that. You are alone in front of the mirror right. Research has shown that laughing to yourself makes you feel good. Furthermore, you will know what sort of smile to give to the camera since you already know what smile looks bad and silly.

Next, find the best and most flattering angle on your face. When I do take photos, I will test out for my friends what angles they could try. From ¾ to profile to full front on. Don’t be stuck in one position for too long, and give yourself the opportunity to explore the different ways of taking the same picture of you.

One thing that I find important, is to really step out and free yourself from the inhibitions you tell yourself in your mind. What’s stopping you from taking the perfect shot, or from looking ridiculously good, is really what you tell yourself in the mind. Find friends who you are comfortable with, and experiment around the types of moves you want to show in front of the photo. Let go let go let go, that is what I tell my friends. When you do not overthink, that is when the photo turns out magical.

This takes time I must say. But think about it, if you have the mentality that restricts you within an imaginary boundary, you generally do that for other aspects in life too. I can’t do well because I’m not good enough, I can’t wear this because I can’t pull it off. You honestly won’t know until you try, open up your mind and try to see it from different perspectives. You might find something that you like which you previously did not.

I came up with this post, when one of my friends told me ‘I should just go with what I feel I look best, and not what you tell me to’. Cos I was taking photos of him and another friend, and I thought, that made so much sense. But I have to defend the photographers because they are behind the lens, and they know what looks good for you. At the same time, what he said made so much sense? You will truly like the photo, when you feel good about yourself and did what made you comfortable.

This post isn’t really about tips to look ‘ridiculously good’. Ultimately, looking good is subjective and it starts from your perception of yourself. If you can convince yourself and be confident, you will kind of radiate that confidence to others and convince others that you actually LOOK FRIGGIN AWESOME. So let’s do some mental makeover first, believe in yourself step by step. I’m sure one day you can do whatever you want and still look like a billion bucks 🙂

Do it, and do it well.

Cr: @jeeheng

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