Thanks to my spontaneous friends for letting me to do a quick shoot. Mid-day is definitely not a good time for photoshoots because the sun is too bright, photos get overexposed. found a shade and voila! lighting was perfect, my camera acted well. quite impressed by the photos as they turned out really well. it was at most 10 minutes and we got the job done. awesome.

I’ve always wanted to do a simple and raw black and white photo because everyone needs one. it’s an essential. bare faced, simple wardrobe, clean and proper. simplicity is key for taking bw photos. I sort of went for the look but not really. if i had the chance i will definitely do an even rawer version.

these were edited using iphone’s mono filter, adjusted slightly by the light scrollbar.

Location: NTU S4 Level 1

this really got me thinking of really doing portraits for people, like real photoshoots. maybe a collab can be done some time soon!


Cr: @jeeheng @dottimeli @merlvintan

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