Following a really interesting photography experience, my very sporting friends decided to join me in my crazy idea of taking photos every monday with a theme. It was supposed to be #hulamondays but considering the judging eyes on me if i were to bring a hula hoop to school, we unknowingly settled with leaping/jumping mondays.

If you have not read about my tutorial on jump shots/leaping shots please click here before reading this follow-up post! Tips on taking a nice walking and running shot and Tips to taking the perfect jump shot with your iPhone

So after my friends tried the ‘run, run, jump’ technique while leaping, some of them found it difficult to do so. if two of my friends face the same problem, maybe you could be facing it as well. so you do not run to one spot and jump at the same spot. you should think of it is hurdling, running over the obstacles, that is the look for the leap! so you imagine yourself trying to jump past something, and you will be able to take a nice photo! something like this:

My friend here can jump really high man, something that i must say i can’t do. I’ll just give the fashion component instead of the physical jump component.

And by the way, some applications which help u to remove unwanted materials: i found this app called ‘Easy Eraser’ and it removes the lines on the wall of the above pictures. really good!

and also, if you are looking into blended photos, you can try typing photo blender in the app store you should be able to get a few. I personally use ‘Instantblend’ and ‘Photoblend’. the negative side to it is that you can only do two photos at one time, so if you want to composite 4 photos for example, it should take you a while to do so.

Photo 5-4-16, 11 41 23 AMPhoto 5-4-16, 11 47 06 AM

And not forgetting to include other photos from this leaping/jumping series. The tip is really to take the entire motion of jumping and leaping so that you get all the nice photos in a series. It will always be helpful for you in this sense. Thanks for sticking around!

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Cr: @jeeheng + @merlvintan + @dottimeli + @joelleyeo

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