Everything you need to know about Timbre+

Apologies for the long hiatus. It’s really difficult to keep it at one post per week now that i have so much on hand! But following a successful second post for styleXstyle on the nice OOTD spots (Link here:Timbre+ as the next OOTD Destination ), i thought i could combine the other aspects of this amazing place too right here exclusively! Of course, do not forget to follow StyleXStyle.com for fashionable updates!

1. Photography

Do you know that the stall shutters have a unique splash of paint, so each stall’s shutter looks ‘same same but different’. What’s better is that it looks good no matter the time of the day. You could try with the natural rays of sunshine, or with the blast of spotlight at dusk. Either way, focus yourself against the ‘hipster’ effect on the stall shutters and I’m sure you can be looking street-style perfect. What’s more, tray returns cleverly designed to fit into cartoon facial features. I guess you can proudly say that you have successfully transformed tray return areas as your ‘hip and cool’ photo backgrounds.


(I was really thinking about how to explain this part) But basically, most of the seats in the middle section of Timbre+ are pretty photogenic. Especially at the higher-seating areas, you can take photos of you and your food while sitting down. You are able to capture the background with fairly good lighting. They also have designs on the table-tops which make it even more hip and cool. So once you enter Timbre+, you don’t have to worry about moving around to get the best shot. Plus! I do not recommend the central sitting space in front of the performance stage because the place is too congested and has bad lighting. Just a personal opinion.

2. Crowd

Singaporeans are really resourceful in a sense that when some cool stuff comes out, everyone flocks to it. So expect insanely huge crowds on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays are closed by the way. Plus the big draw for Timbre+ could be the performance nights from Wednesdays to Saturdays so if you do want a piece of everything, perhaps Wednesdays and Thursdays could turn out to be wise choices. But if you have to go on the weekends, go early because one of my friends commented that arriving at 615pm was even too late.

A Tuesday Night Crowd

3. Temperature

Certainly, do not dress too well because you could sweat a lot under the heat and humidity. although the big fans are in operation, it feels like it is just circulating the hot winds.

4. Food

Ahhhh, nothing can describe my love for food. Although my friends and I did not get to try much of the food, I really recommend a few, namely the Dancing Crab Shack which you don’t have to pay for the service charge if you go to the restaurant? The other one is called ‘The world is flat’ by Tanuki Raw. Gosh those Wham fries (Glazed marshmallows on top of sweet potato fries and special sauces) and this Fat Samurai thingy (like a pizza and okonomiyaki combo), unique but loads of flavour. The last one is Two Wings which serves such a variety of chicken wing flavours, of course including the salted egg flavour which is in the craze now (honestly salted-egg is really too over-rated just saying)

Fat Samurai
Wham Fries

Directions: Exit A at One-north station, go all the way up to ground floor and exit the premise via Starbucks. Walk to the nearest junction and you can see it already.

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