How to take fashionable group photos

Apologies for the long hiatus! I guess I really couldn’t find time to think and generate new content that is actually interesting. But one fine day when I was randomly browsing the newspaper something clicked and I thought… GROUP SHOTS.

We can all take a smiling, hands-over-shoulders, looking-like-we-are-best-pals photo. BUT, don’t we get bored of them? So how do we take a fashionable one, those you can see in magazines and advertisement campaigns? Well, I do have some ideas and opinions which I really think works. But if you think I do not have enough experience to say so, then well, you can skip this post.

SO, I thought about the key points to note, and I concluded there are 3 main aspects for editorial group shots: Contrast, Balance and Spread.


This is a very hard concept to explain. But basically the people in the photo must stand out from their surroundings. They could be doing something different from each other, or something that is contrary to the environmental setting. They could be wearing bright colours, or wearing a totally absurd accessory.


You can’t add too much contrast to a group photo, there needs to be a balance. So let’s take an example where in order to look swag, we always like to look away from the camera. If everyone looks away then there is too much contrast! Some could try staring at the camera, and some can look away. In such a way, balance is restored.


You should always try to spread yourself out to fill the entire frame. At least 80% of the photo should be covered by a physical presence. You can take any position but just make sure that we do not cramp everyone in one part of the photo. SPREAD OUT!

So some pro tips that we can all try? Refer to some of the photos below for inspiration perhaps! I’ve added descriptions to each photo to explain the 3 aspects a little better!

Supersponts_fashionable_group_shots (7)
3 sitting, 3 standing, 3 looking away, 3 looking at camera. Contrast, Balance and Spread CHECK!
Supersponts_fashionable_group_shots (6)
Gradient in height provides balance. Variations in sitting and standing provides contrast. Well spread within frame!
Well spread with ‘near and far’ from camera lens. Middle person sitting down ensures focal point! balances out the photo!
Supersponts_fashionable_group_shots (4)
symmetry in the arrangement of photo provides balance!
2 people but well spread in photo! Although both are looking at the camera, hand gestures and body movements provide contrast!
Well Spread! Contrast with use of props and environment! Balance with position and arrangement!
Well Spread! Contrast with directions and emotions! Balance in the harmony of the interactions between the people in the photo!

Try it out using the few tips and inspirations from my photos, and let’s see how it turns out! Have fun!

Cr: @jeeheng @jeeeleee

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