Da Nang-ber one holiday!

What started out to be a random cheap thrills buy to Ho Chi Minh City, turned out to be a very interesting and great experience in Da Nang! First and foremost, a big thanks to Jee Lee for putting together a rough plan in Da Nang!!! And secondly thanks to the chill team for chilling almost everywhere we go ahaha, how lazy peeps we are.

Da Nang is a 1 hour flight away from Ho Chi Minh City, and we took VietJet Air, which is one very international yet domestic carrier. Flights aside, these are just some places we went to, which I highly recommend for starters in Da Nang!

  1. Beaches

Da Nang, being a coastal area, is really famous for its beaches! Very clear waters, but slightly crowded. Apart from soaking yourself in the water, beach sports and activities such as parasailing and banana boating are readily available at very attractive rates. Roughly 1,000,000 VND (60 SGD) for two person parasailing at the Pham Van Dong Beach! My Khe Beach is another good choice for such activities. These two beaches can be found in Da Nang main district itself.

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  1. Vincom Plaza

A rare recommendation, not for food or shopping, but more for the supermarket. Can I just say how overpriced the airport stuff can be compared to Vinmart? Get your Vietnamese 3-in-1 or brewed coffee mix right here before you leave Da Nang, provided that you are only travelling here.

  1. Sky36

As the highest bar in Vietnam, you are in for a spectacular night view of Da Nang. Located on the 36th floor of Novotel Da Nang, be sure that you dress up decently because if not you have to buy socks and rent shoes like we did (how embarrassing). But nonetheless with great view, cheap booze and Gogo dancers on the poles, well I guess it definitely makes any night a good one.

Spectacular View Atop Sky36
  1. Street food

Banh Mi costs like 10,000 to 20,000 VND (Less than 1.50 SGD) on the streets? Or decent restaurants like Lau Nuon Barbeque which sells really nice BBQ pork, chicken, octopus. It’s located just beside the Hadana Boutique Hotel. Pham Hong Thai also has many stalls selling Vietnamese food, but of course so local that it’s all in Vietnamese ahaha!

Supersponts_Da Nang (H)

  1. Korean 24 hour marts

This was really one surprising fact. Korean culture is so prominent in Da Nang: Lotteria, Korean restaurants, Korean mini-marts, and of course Koreans everywhere either tourists or working there. If you find Vietnamese food too boring, you might opt for a Korean meal here served by real Koreans really.

  1. Han River Bridge and Dragon Bridge

A truly gorgeous sight for sure. I find the Han River bridge a very suitable spot for some music video moment. Motorcycles ride past you while you walk along a small pedestrian pavement, wind blowing against you while you overlook the Dragon Bridge just a few kilometres away. So dramatic yet so chill.


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While I guess that’s all I want to talk about for Da Nang! It was a really good getaway, though the traffic, honks and motorcycles really annoyed me. But with such a favourable exchange rate, relatively cheaper flights, we should really pay Da Nang a visit.

Cr: @jeeeleee @jeeheng @talkingkokk @pigcanwin

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