Little India: Exploring Heritage

For the first time, the trio (Nicholas, Yong Sheng and I) travelled to Little India for a photography trip to discover the cool streets and structures. The last time we went there is probably during primary school for the learning journey programme which is almost N years ago (not revealing our age).

Apart from grungy back alleys, one closed down hotel which I saw from a fashion magazine and the shophouses, we actually discovered 2 new locations which were really cool and photogenic.

Supersponts_Little India (2)

  1. Little India Heritage Centre

None of us knew this but apparently our humble heritage centre has opened for almost one year plus now! And it has one of the most beautiful architecture from the outside, as it stands out from the traditional houses surrounding it. And when u enter the main gate, the interior gives a very contemporary art museum vibe, really cool.

Apart from many nice wall features to have photos taken, I have to say the highlight for me is the staircase when u exit from level 4 exhibition area to level 3’s. Amazing natural lighting, gorgeous wallpaper and with the metal supporting structures I’m sure photo junkies will love this part.

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Directions: 5 Campbell Lane, which is just opposite the Tekka food centre

  1. The Verge

Credits to our explorer Yong Sheng who spotted this spiral staircase from ground level and we basically took 10 minutes to find out how we can get up ‘cos there was practically no way to get up there. But well, observant Nicholas managed to find a small pathway leading to a lift that got us up.

Haven’t been exploring rooftops for a long time, but I must say I am loving this one in particular. I will let the photos do the talking.

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Directions: The secret passageway is somewhere along Dalhousie lane, well I think it’s cool if you found it out yourself no?

  1. Madras Street

The closed down hotel is Madras Hotel and I really like the simplicity of this street. Some really nice fences, cars that move past, a very wide road and nice shophouses. Ahh this is fashion photography’s dream I think. Inspiration much!

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If you have not been here for some time, it’s always nice to feel the rustic vibes here and be like a tourist for a day, we all need a day out like this once in a while. FIND YOUR OWN COOL here at Little India, and share it with your friends!

Cr: @jeeheng @nicholahahas @foobird33

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