3 Hottest Mandarin Pop Songs ATM

Whether to my liking or not, these few songs are hitting the charts after a few months of inactivity in the scene. Of course, who else could have such impact than our mega mandopop stars Jay Chou?

  1. 不该 (Should Not)

The impact when top male superstar Jay Chou and top female superstar A-Mei come together is probably akin to an atomic explosion. Surely enough, youtube views for this songs have reached 13 million in just 3 weeks. That is a big thing for Chinese music really.


  1. 派对动物 (Party Animal)

Well Mayday fans are probably one of the most loyal ones. Their new single isn’t that spectacular for me to be honest. But in one month’s time they managed to garner 10 million views on youtube which is equally impressive.


  1. 你,好不好? (How have you been?)

Mmm, interesting to see this but 8 million views in one month’s time for a newcomer is certainly an impressive feat. He does have a good voice and has improved in his ‘live’ gigs too. But in any music industry, having a good song without people remembering you is a bad thing. He needs a fresher and more memorable look to etch in the minds of the general public.


Now to my favourites. And I firmly believe will do exceptionally well in time to come!

  1. 天真有邪 (tainted innocence)

My idol, Yoga Lin’s composition coupled with a spot on lyrics is a deadly attraction. The song talks about how we all have that one person that changed our lives so much that the effects of it still lingers on forever. How true is that right. We all were innocent once. But after every experience, it takes away some of the true innocence in us, and we become smarter by knowing how to handling with heartbreaks. That forms the taint in our innocence.


  1. 余波荡漾 (Ripple effect)

Another similar concept of how one person’s actions could have lasting impacts on you. But this takes the perspective of a ripple, which blows in size and continues to have sounding impact. It might not be a tsunami effect, but it takes it slow and steady. How true is that too huh?


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