5 Types of People at Orientation Camps

It’s camps season! Freshmen Orientation Camps or FOCs for short are somewhat the highlight every year and we definitely will see some articles about it, obviously with negative connotations every time. (seriously, i think these people are waiting for juicy news to come out only) But well, that’s not the main point of this article. Having had a ‘well-rounded’ experience at FOCs, I thought I might give our young freshmen a short prelude as to what you might expect throughout the few days. So here are 5 prominent characters:

Supersponts_FOC (2)

  1. The Crazy One – Usually the OGL/CGL

Outrageous hair, crazy fashions, over-the-top actions and extremely responsive to cues from anybody. You might think something is wrong with him, but in actual fact, he or she started out like you, very judgmental of this crazy character here. Well, I used to be like that so I know how it is like. Somehow our bodies are controlled by words so well that we just execute it immediately without thought. I guess we have reached a whole new level called the OGL/CGL.

Supersponts_FOC (1)

  1. The Quiet One

There is always this person in your OG that just… doesn’t speak more than 5 words in each sentence. No matter how hard you try to get that person to get high, the best you get is perhaps his/her hands in the air. But hey, he/she is usually the most talented one, the caring one and the one that will tide you through difficult time~ okay I’m exaggerating.

Supersponts_FOC (3)

  1. The Good-Looking One

Flawless face, perfectly coiffed hairdo and hot bods to ‘bioh’ at… Wait, is this still an orientation camp? We know you good looking lah, but let’s be real, we are here to play games ya? Pageant can wait later ok!

Supersponts_FOC (5)

  1. The Overly-friendly One

This is where it gets subjective here. Is he/she being too friendly, or does he/she have other intentions… you know what I mean. But in any case, if you feel uncomfortable with anyone or anything, just tell your seniors and they will know what to do! We respect one another and it is our duty to ensure that you enjoy yourself during the camp! Don’t need paiseh!

Supersponts_FOC (4)

  1. The Hardworking One

You enter the camp like a complete noob, then you realise the person beside you knows everything about the school, the camp, the modules, the tutors, the prerequisites… WHAT THE F. He’s extremely cooperative, he is spontaneous and friendly, he asks the seniors for school and hostel advice, he asks for notes, he asks for tips… 2 weeks after the camp, where did he go? ‘Oh we all got the notes already.’

This is just for laughs of course. But I’m sure you will meet the above in any of the camps you go to! One piece of advice though, just be yourself, and have fun! Be open and accepting! This is also the general rule in life, isn’t it?

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