5 valuable lessons learnt from FOC

Amidst all the drama going on, miraculously everything sort of died down in a matter of days. I’ve concluded my journey in school, and looking back at all the things I’ve done for FOC, I actually have to thank this wonderful organisation for teaching me the most important values in life – no joke.

  1. Commitment and dedication

When you volunteer to take up a position, you work hard for it. People I’ve met at FOCs are probably the most driven people I’ve ever seen. We are serious about our job – group leaders, programmers, exco, welfare, operations… – and we do our best for the goal of making it the best camp ever. With the leader’s influence, all of us become in sync, just like any successful organisation there is on Earth.

And not forgetting those late night meetings over that one year – times where you feel like quitting, but you are committed and dedicated to complete what you promised at the very beginning.

  1. Compromise

Think about the times we always have internal conflicts, but it is never worth to fight over things which could be solved by merely compromising. Of course that does not mean we do that all the time. If programmes continue to flow as planned, personal relationships are not affected or that nothing is being hindered, then, what’s to lose by compromising?

  1. Straightforward and intuitive thinking

How many times have you heard someone asking you in the office, ‘eh paper no more liao’, ‘this thing spoil liao how?’, and you think to yourself – go and get more paper lah! Spoil liao don’t use lah, go and find the repairman lah!

In FOC, if anyone were to say something that’s totally illogical or ‘as-a-matter-of-fact’ we will probably give you the ‘wtf’ look. If you ask a question, which you already know the answer, then, why bother asking me in the first place?

  1. Flexibility and open-mindedness

Many times when there are problems with logistics, or when last minute mess-ups occur, we definitely do not ask what to do, but to make do with what we have and move on. We can substitute with other materials on hand, or just simply occupy time with filler games or teaching cheers. As long as we achieve the ultimate goal – with a sensible mind of course – we make things work for us.

  1. Teamwork

One of the most important skill set in the modern workplace is definitely teamwork. And come on, with a 50-men team alongside yourself, you have to know how to work well with everybody. Not only do you have to get people to work for you, you have to gain their respect so that they are WILLING to work for you. Assigning each other tasks based on our strengths and weaknesses, while maintaining a healthy working relationship is no easy feat.

Looking back, I really do not regret assuming a role in FOC. I’m sure my fellow friends will understand too. Now that camps are over, and you are thinking of adding some colour to your mundane school life, I guess there is one job waiting for you here in FOC committees.

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