The way to dress for themed dinners

Thanks to my dear friend Norman for persuading me to do it with him, both of us really went all out for our themed dinner last Saturday. Throwing away the standard suit for a dinner and donning ridiculous costumes must be the most outrageous idea ever, but I will never regret doing it. The theme was ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ by the way.


Borrowed costumes from Customade Costume in Toa Payoh and sort of added some elements to piece them up together. To tie up both of our looks, we managed to stick to the colour green, and use the fringes of our costume to create the harmony.

Supersponts_themed dinner (1)
Made with canva

How do we look? As long as you got the confidence to pull it off, people will applaud you for that. #lifelessons but honestly, we did feel so ridiculous that night haha!

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