The amateur way of finding your best angle

As an amateur ‘people’ photographer, I’m always happy to make people look better. Not everyone is perfect, really, everyone has certain angles that look really bad on camera, just that these photos are never revealed to anyone. You know what’s best about photos, is that they never really do tell the truth.


So I thought why not tell you guys the ground rules to finding that best angle, and fool everyone how good you look. Of course, you might want to read a previous post about ‘Looking good in every photo’.

So three basic rules: hide it, highlight it, and show off the bones.

  1. Hide it

Hide the flaws. Identify what is it about your face that really does not look good. For me, I have large nose, large forehead, large eyes. I can’t tilt my face down and look up, I might look like an alien (though aliens are quite cool no?)

Pro tip: To counter that, tilt your head up slightly, and problem solved. Pull the flaws away from the camera to look smaller and inconspicuous. Or use your hair to cover it. Or even cover it literally with your hands.

  1. Highlight it

What are the things you like about your facial features? There has got to be that few. Your ‘Cara Delevigne’ brow, your dimples, your teeth? If you like it, show it, and make sure you make it the star of your photo. Concentrate your facial muscles to that particular feature that you want to highlight.

Supersponts_best angle (10)

Pro tip: Maybe do an eyebrow raise? Smile like you are advertising Darlie? Stuffs like that to really showcase them well. People will notice them more than your flaws, and voila, mission accomplished.

  1. Show off the bones in your face

Cheekbones, jawlines, nose bridge, temples… these are some prominently obvious facial bones on your face. For guys, that jawline is everything – makes you look masculine and tough. For girls, cheekbones – you look fresh, healthy and energetic.


One tip to show off the jaw is to bite the molar region and sticking your neck out slightly like the famous indian dance move. It sounds really weird but it does work, it’s proven.

And to show off those cheekbones, firstly it is something which i got to hear of called ‘contouring’. Secondly, you can breathe in slightly, or suck in your cheeks and bite the cheek muscles with your mouth closed.


Everyone has to learn what works for themselves, and has to give in some level of effort. To be honest, everyone can do it, just whether we want to. But well, on that note, do tell me how it goes and I’m excited to hear whether these advice were actually useful. Put on your best face forward!

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