A photogenic journey along Keong Saik Road

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A quick search on Keong Saik Road and you find a plethora of articles boasting about its thriving food scene, however, with a famous (or should i say infamous) history behind this legendary road, how can we not miss photo opportunities here?


  1. Walking along the main street from Kreta Ayer Road

A two-lane two-way road flanked by two rows of shophouses mean that this is one spacious street capturing everything that happens beyond Keong Saik. Be sure to capture everything in your pictures from individualistic shophouse designs to the famous Pinnacle @ Duxton or People’s Park Centre in the background.


  1. Stopping by Jiak Chuan Road

Probably one of the shortest road i’ve ever seen, we stopped at a Y junction to take some walking shots (of course there were no cars in sight to perform this dangerous act). We also found this unassuming one way lane and an obviously backwards building which reminded us of a typical Hong Kong style apartment. We also found out about an interesting history behind it after googling about it (this is for you to find out).


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with Snapseed.

  1. Zhun Ti Gong

Nestled between a row of shophouses is a traditional temple, a total opposite from the modern designs of the newly occupied offices, cafes and hotels. We stopped by to take some nice group photos together to capture a slight glimpse of this ‘Little Nyonya’-esque house.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with Snapseed.

  1. Approaching Neil Road

Just before Lollapalooza, a tiny back alley with colourful graffiti captures our attention. We were also greeted by inspiring instagrammers capturing their shots with the graffiti as backdrop. A good way to end our journey along Keong Saik.    


It might seem similar to other districts with shophouses, but Keong Saik does have a certain magic that the others don’t. Perhaps it is its dark history and current mysterious masks. Just a small tip, considering that this is a bustling street, it might be wise to avoid peak hours to experience the most genuine vibes in this area.

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