We all face difficult issues everyday with how we present ourselves in front of people, how people might judge us for what we post on social media. We get told to get out of our comfort zones in order to succeed, but to what extent should we step out before it is too much for what the society deems so?

Processed with Snapseed.

I put 4 of us in front of the camera in a very new studio setting. All eyes on us, and with my art direction and the photographer, Andre’s, comments. What do they really feel when put under the spotlight, literally?


Processed with Snapseed.
“sometimes it did get quite uncomfortable to hold a certain expression… and I think I did hold back a little after all the guidance and adjustments. But I guess you learn to just trust the people directing the shoot.”


Processed with Snapseed.
“I don’t want to tell people how I should look like… because I believe different people see me differently. But if you were to ask me how I see myself, I’d like to say… confidently awesome.”


Processed with Snapseed.
“In my opinion, it’s not as easy to be completely yourself with the presence of others. I always try to picture myself through the lens, and there are a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Apparently it isn’t as easy to be ‘relaxed’, but I don’t think it has got anything to do with my self confidence though, does it?”

Confidence is about working hard and feeling good about what you have achieved. And that is a beautiful thing. Step out of your comfort zone seems a tad bit easier now. Credits to photography by Andre from @simplewerks.sg and my friends for playing with this photoshoot with me 🙂

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