What to do at Fri-nally Fete Flea Market

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Aptly named as ‘Fri-nally’, I had a short tour of the flea at Baghdad Street on Friday to check out what’s so special about this flea market.


Upon entering Baghdad Street, I was greeted by a street busker performing against a wooden pallet backdrop. Coupled with the artistic vibes of Kampung Glam, this is what we call indie af. Fashion, accessories, henna… i’m sure there’s something for you.

Let me uncover some of the gems of the flea:

  1. Karmart

Make-up is seriously not my area at all, but what grabbed my attention is the ‘AA matte powder cushion with oil control’. Forget BB or CC cream, we have upgraded to AA now (this is very amusing tbh). Our kind stall owner shared with us many amazing makeup items from this famous Thai beauty giant. From mousse cleansers to eyebrow tints, if you are a makeup junkie, this is something you will love.  IG: @Karmartsclubsingapore

  1. The Cushy Cove and Thelilbeautiq

You will definitely stop over this stall because it is just so flowery and vibrant! Half of this stall sells handmade pouches and accessory cases by @thelilbeautiq, while the other sells home-made cushion covers by The Cushy Cove. Colourful and joyful designs aside, they are customisable upon request! Enquire them for more information!

  1. Broti

If you’re feeling thirsty, stop by Broti for the best Thai milk teas and green milk teas. Served chilled, the fragrant tea aroma coupled with a rich milky taste is definitely the perfect thirst quencher on a weekend afternoon. IG: @broti_sg


  1. Stalk Market

No more work and stocks on the weekend – only fresh bouquets and dry flowers. The best part is that our friendly stall owners are able to mix and match the flowers of your preference. With such scenic and romantic backdrop, girls holding beautiful bouquets… *hint hint* IG: @stalkmarketsg


  1. Rolls – by fatcat

For some yumz tumz, check out the cinnamon rolls with some exotic flavour of Ondeh Ondeh and Smores on top of the classic cinnamon and sugar. The ondeh ondeh roll has such a smooth gula melaka flavour to it and the shredded coconut just tops it up big time. The chocolate and marshmallow combination for the Smores is also a definite crowd favourite. IG: @rollsbyfatcat


  1. Wetteeshirt

Tee shirts can never get boring from this rising local brand. From seemingly offensive wordings to humorous interpretations of languages, one thing is for sure – you can’t help but laugh at them! Wear them with friends or package them as gifts because “many people do, we’ll look damn cool”. Website: http://wetteeshirt.co    

  1. Yolky and Batterfield

Ending the stretch of stalls of the flea market, are local favourites – laksa and salted egg but in the form of chips and cookies! If chilli crab can be made into ice cream, nothing can go wrong with a pack of salted egg potato chips, and neither will laksa cookies. Try them out to see if you really like it, but remember not to ‘test’ too much ah! IG: @yolkychips



Fri-nally Fete Flea Market

Saturday (15th) & Sunday (16th) – 3pm to 11pm

Baghdad Street

IG: @frinally_fete

FB: http://www.facebook.com/frinallyfete

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