The Last Chance – Iconic Singapore Buildings

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We’ve heard of Rochor Centre and Dakota Crescent giving way to new buildings, but just before they are gone for good (maybe not), take your last chance to head down and leave photographic memories for future sake! I present to you the must-visit places for your phototaking adventures.

Dakota Crescent

Oddly enough, I had been seriously addicted to a Channel 8 drama – Hero – which was set in one of the oldest estates in Singapore – Dakota Crescent. While I am still brooding over the fact that the drama has ended, I am glad to have made a trip down to take photos of the old-school structures there.

Dakota used to be part of the defunct Kallang Airport, and hence the road name – Old Airport Road. And the estate got its name from a tragic episode involving an airplane named Dakota. But the real story lies in the off-white paints and brown bricks, soaked in vintage vibes.

Humans are indeed guilty of not treasuring the things around them – I am a culprit of this. Visited Tian Kee and Old Airport Road food centre several times but never gave another look at the estate. But this trip down memory lane is definitely one that you have to experience for yourself before it is torn down for good.

Rochor Centre

How can we forget soon-to-be historic Rochor Centre’s iconic HDB flats which were vibrantly coloured in yellow, blue, green and red. All tenants have supposedly moved out, leaving the area frighteningly quiet, contrasting itself from the once bustling market downstairs.

A wreak of odour suffocates you along the staircases up to the common areas where you get the best view of the buildings. Migrant workers were seen dismantling the refrigerators left behind in the empty households, possibly finding gold or silver conductors for extra moolah. Such a poignant scene I remember.

Getting the best view involves climbing up to high spaces – that is if you do not own a drone. We looked around and found a vertical ladder at the fitness corner. Resting on top of the ladder to have your photo taken (Thanks Alexia) really makes you feel like you have no more regrets.

If you’ve always had the idea of heading down to these places, then better materialise them fast!


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