Exploring Singapore: Woodlands Town Centre Memories

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I vaguely remember as a 10-year-old kid accompanying my family to the famous Sheng Siong outlet at the Old Woodlands Town Centre, a period where the hypermarket chain has yet to commence its rapid expansion, let not its signature baibei, baibei on its hit TV game show series.

The buildings were old and I didn’t really enjoy my time there. But it was quite a frequent trip for a few weeks due to the relatively lower prices the hypermarket was offering. I just moved to the newer part of Woodlands then, with not a lot of choices for marketing.

Didn’t know that in a few years, Woodlands Checkpoint will become a popular spot for Singaporeans escaping the heightened prices locally for cheaper and better quality food and shopping. To ease human and vehicle traffic, and to enhance the security of the borders at the causeway, Woodlands Town Centre will soon be bidding goodbye, giving way to a larger complex for the Woodlands Checkpoint…

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