20 Hours in Hong Kong – Travelogue

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Arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport at 6 in the morning, with only 3 hours of intermittent sleep, it only makes sense to make wild and crazy decisions. How about creating a 24-hour travelogue? Yes, that meant 6am to 6am the next day. Unfortunately, I did not really accomplish what I planned, but 20 hours isn’t too bad right?


For a city that rarely sleeps, public transport operates early in the morning and ends pretty late at night in Hong Kong. For a more local experience, take their airport shuttle which brings you to most of the popular cities and towns in Hong Kong. I boarded the A21 which brought me right in the heart of Mongkok, my accommodation for the weekend.


Ranking at the top of my to-eat-list for breakfast is Australian Dairy Company. With HKD36, you get a set of macaroni soup coupled with a scrambled egg toast and a hot beverage. Of all the scrambled eggs that I’ve tasted, nothing can compare to the creamy texture of the eggs served at this local restaurant. While service can be rude and queues can go pretty long, I will still go through it again for the amazing breakfast here…

Head to Journal for full story.




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