Exploring Singapore: Geylang Mysteries

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Growing up, the adjectives associated with the district of Geylang has never been quite positive, except for their great food outlets for Dimsum, Frog Leg Porridge and Durian. Naturally, it became a place to shun away from. But as its mysterious quality escalates, the curiosity to know more about it increases too. Going on ‘Geylang Adventures’ seemed the best way to go deeper to find out what’s really going on in this notorious place in Singapore.


The tour started at 7:30 in the evening along one of the back alleys. You might imagine something dark and dangerous, but on the contrary, most of them have become brightly lit with lampposts and security cameras to stop unlawful congregations and underground businesses. No more ‘Internal Affairs’ scenes here.

An interesting mix of vice and charity, Geylang houses many religious groups and dialect clans which have been relocated from the central business district in the 1900s. Right in the middle of all the bustle, Highpoint Social Enterprise Ark offers refuge and help for low-income families, sex workers and migrant workers, one that shows concern for a population less regarded by the rest of the society.



We stopped for a quick chat on the overhead-bridge along Geylang Road, transitioning from odd-numbered to even-numbered streets. The busy avenue branches out into smaller lanes, looking like a multi-legged centipede. The scene painted the prelude into exploring the legalised prostitution segment of Geylang…

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