What an eventful year it has been, for myself and for the world at large. Political shifts, environmental concerns and unnecessary media attention on the Kardashians nonetheless… I’ve decided to drop a big news – to stop writing for Supersponts.

I believe that quality work is something timeless and will continue to receive recognition in time to come, so don’t worry, the website will still be up for you to read past articles, which has a good 100 of them (wow I’m impressed myself).

In this efficiency-conscious age, I have friends watching videos in twice the speed just to save time. Magazine houses are struggling with their print sales, diverting their attention on their social media platforms, often translating into a content spam – not exactly something that users appreciate. Buzzfeed also admitted to dwindling visitor counts, losing them to bigger news sites.

For a small lifestyle blog like mine, a simple 500-word article online is no longer sustainable. Admitting to failures takes courage. And it also does not mean that Supersponts is gone forever. Writing for other websites or prints is still something agreeable for me.

Thank you to all that have supported my humble venture to exercise my passion for writing, it has certainly been a rewarding journey – who knew I will have gained such finesse at photoshop and lightroom? Not forgetting Indesign that allows me to put all the articles together.

Regardless, perhaps something new is brewing meanwhile?

Thank you

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