When a friend brought me to see the Eiffel Tower at night in January, i thought to myself that i really would have preferred to see it in the day. but once the clock struck 23h00, thousands of small lights lit up the tower, creating a shiny facade that was beyond beautiful. even locals would stop by for the hourly show. hearsay that at 1am, the light show is even more spectacular, with the Eiffel covered in diamond-like constellations.

As it was my first time to Paris, i have heard tons of positive and negative experiences from friends and online but as a seasoned traveler, it is always important to keep an open mind free of prejudices.

Honestly, Paris is magical. perhaps not during the crowds in summer (i will know about that soon), perhaps not being too conspicuous as an Asian-looking tourist, and perhaps speaking their language help ease the barrier as well.

The quaint neighbourhood of Montmartre, the aesthetic Pont-des-Arts along River Seine, the busy streets at Opera… not forgetting the unmanned gantries of the subway stations at night!

We all have different preferences for travel, and it is up to us to figure out the itinerary which fits us best. we may read all the guides in the world, but the magic of the destination happens when you have made efforts in discovering it. No one can steal that feeling away from you.

Je vais revenir, Paris!

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