Are we more responsive to ‘last-chance’ marketing?

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I’m not going to lie, when it comes to ‘last chance to experience this’, ‘last chance to see this’… I’m probably the first person to rush down for these. (see The Last Chance – Iconic Singapore Buildings for example)

But I wonder if there is really a proven psychology that we as humans are more susceptible to news like these? Even our neighbourhood thrift shops hang up ‘closing down’ sales for 6 months and business always seem to be bustling anyhow.

Visited the first-ever Creamier outlet at Toa Payoh Lorong 1, which is due to close operations by the end of June. We arrived at 6pm on a Saturday, supposedly a time for dinner, to see snaking queues and a packed interior for the already-squeezy 10 sqm seating space. Either the people living in Toa Payoh love having ice-cream as aperitif, or they are like me, trying to get a glimpse and taste of the original Creamier before it dies away (Note: There are still 2 more outlets in Singapore).

Surprisingly, it was my first time at Creamier’s Toa Payoh outlet. I wouldn’t say the taste differs so much from its other outlets, but I guess it is the taste of nostalgia in a heartland community that added stronger flavours to their homemade gelato.

Upon leaving at 7pm, the queues got longer and the shop got even more populated. All the best to their staff who will be facing unprecedented crowds towards their closing date.

As an old Chinese saying goes, the new will not arrive if the old does not go. Unlike the colourful HDB blocks in Rochor where it is entirely removed, should we retune our psyche to be less affected by words as such?

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