Forget Murphy’s Law, it’s the “White Shoes” Theory

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In recent years, the ‘Murphy’s Law’ has become popular in ‘trying’ to explain when certain things go wrong in our daily lives, me included. I guess as humans we would like to rationalise our thoughts by providing a proper explanation for occurrences that are just outside our control.

Topping it up with the word ‘law’ in the term, it seems even more justified to use it to make ourselves feel better about an unfortunate incident.

But hey, ‘Murphy’s Law’ has never been about a cause-and-effect relationship. In fact, it states that ‘anything that can go wrong will go wrong’. When we wear white clothing and get nasty stains on that very day, perhaps Murphy’s Law can be a consoling explanation, but it does not explicitly state that wearing white CAUSES the nasty stain to cling onto our clothes.

Hence, I would name this phenomena the ‘White Shoes Theory’, that when we wear white, it would unfortunately not stay white after the day ends. Being an avid white shoes addict, partly due to the influence from secondary school days, it really pains me that my shoe can’t f**king stay white for 1 day!!! Random people would step on it, my coffee would spill on it, it will happen to rain on that day… and the list goes on.

With that said, can someone actually invent a white shoe that autocleans itself, or just help us to keep its colour at least for a month??? That’s all I’m asking for!

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